Merchandising Manager

Seea is seeking a Merchandising Manager to lead and drive Seea’s product assortment and merchandise categories, including building the product life-cycle roadmap. Job responsibilities will focus on strategic business driving, brand integrity, long-term brand strategy, and helping develop the merchandise mix: ensuring we have the right products in the right quantities at the right time. You'll work very closely with our Design, Production, Product Development, E-Commerce, Retail, Marketing and Finance teams.
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We make innovative products that redefine the modern women’s surf brand, born from a new cultural era that revives the spirit of surfing for fun and creative expression. And just like our discerning customers, we’re on the hunt for the unique: individuals who are independent, flexible, and thrive on helping to build a brand that’s worth believing in. Garment manufacturing is an inherently wasteful process but we believe in making choices that protect natural resources and are socially responsible as much as possible. We love what we do and cultivate a fun working environment that is collaborative, community-oriented, passionate, and inclusive. 

xoxo, nathanmcooper Team